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DR.V.RAGHAVAN CENTRE FOR PERFORMING ARTS (REGD),is a nonprofit Organization initiated by Smt.Sarada Raghavan , wife of the Illustrious Sanskrit Scholar and Indologist DR.V.RAGHAVAN for nurturing and propagating  multifaceted aspects  of Sanskrit Language, Indian Culture, Performing Arts and Heritage. The activities of the Centre began in the year 1974 and the Centre was registered in 1998. Among the different objectives of the Centre,the important areas which are on focus here pertain to Promotion and Propagation of Sanskrit Language,fostering,preserving and carrying forward  the Traditional Dance of South India namely “ Bharatanatyam” and production of Sanskrit plays on stage.

The Trust functions with Smt.Sarada Raghavan  as the Author of the Trust, Sri.R.Kalidas, the eldest son of Dr.V.Raghavan and Smt.Sushama Ranganathan, a granddaughter of Dr.V.Raghavan as Trustees; Smt.Nandini Ramani the second daughter of the scholar –savant is the Managing Trustee of the Trust. The activities of the Trust are patronized in a major way from family resources,certain outside sponsorships like the Ministry Of Culture, Goverment Of India and few private sources.