Furthering Dramatic, Dance and Sanskrit Literary Activity and for popularizing the work of late Dr.V. Raghavan
    • To Promote the Study of Sanskrit Language and Literature including various branches of knowledge like Sangeetha, Natya, Nataka etc…

    • To promote Sanskrit Dramatic and Literary activity either solely or in collaboration with “Samskrit Ranga” a forum founded in 1958 by Dr. Raghavan for such promotion.

    • To actively teach and continue Bharatanatyam in T.Balasaraswati’s tradition.

    • To publish and bring out in print several unpublished Sanskrit works of Dr.V.Raghavan for the benefit of the public.

    • To maintain a library containing valuable collections of books. Audio/video recordings of Music, Dance and Literary speeches for the benefit of research scholars.

    • To undertake Research Work in the fields of Music, Dance, Drama, Sanskrit and other branches of Performing Arts.