The Centre has been actively engaged in Research, Archive and Documentation of various topics, fields and areas of interest that form a part of the objectives.Providing source material from the bulk of the writings of Dr.V.Raghavan, his hand written notes, his collection of rare material, photographs, brochures and other written/printed collection have been the main ongoing work undertaken by the Centre since 1980 after the passing away of Dr.V.Raghavan 1979.

Reading an inscription at an excavation site
in Russia.

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  • The other main activity is bringing out the remaining works of Dr.V.Raghavan
  • Over the past three and a half decades and more the Centre has published and released several of Dr.V.Raghavan works.
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  • Apart from this the Centre regularly provides source information / basic research material / reference material / rare manuscripts / old publications to several Scholars and Researchers from India and abroad to help/assist them in the continuation and culmination of their research work.
  • Expert guidance in Sanskrit oriented contents , rare repertoire, musical inputs and overall contribution of concepts for production are extended on a regular basis to students of dance , performers and those involved in research of Music and Dance.
  • Maintaining a library of over 2000 books with a collection of rare ones, collection of photographs, collection of old print material, paper clippings and other documents of importance.
  • The purpose of Preserving, Archiving and Documentation in fostering the rich treasure of Sanskrit and all other allied areas of study and research in Indian Culture, Thought and Heritage are all taken care of as a part of the Centre’s objectives to carry forward these to the Generation next…

Video Lecture

Sahiti Saurabha



Perceptions Of The Concept Of Beauty In Sanskrit Literature
- Dr. G. Gayathri Preetha

Contribution of Dr. Raghavan to Alankarasastra with reference to his two works - Jayaraman

Dr.V.Raghavan’s Contribution to Dramatics and Dramaturgy
- Dr. Ramachandrashekar

Dr.V.Raghavan’s Contribution to Music
- N. Bhairavi

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