Dr. V. Raghavan Center for Performing Arts (Reg)

The activities of the Centre began in the year 1974 and the Centre was registered in 1998.



DR. V. RAGHAVAN CENTRE FOR PERFORMING ARTS (REGD), is a nonprofit Organization initiated by Smt. Sarada Raghavan, wife of the Illustrious Sanskrit Scholar and Indologist DR. V. RAGHAVAN for nurturing and propagating  multifaceted aspects  of Sanskrit Language, Indian Culture, Performing Arts and Heritage. The activities of the Centre began in the year 1974 and the Centre was registered in 1998. Among the different objectives of the Centre, the important areas which are on focus here pertain to Promotion and Propagation of Sanskrit Language, fostering, preserving and carrying forward  the Traditional Dance of South India namely “Bharatanatyam” and production of Sanskrit plays on stage.

Furthering Dramatic, Dance and Sanskrit Literary Activity and for popularizing the work of late Dr.V. Raghavan

what we do

Our Mission

We are passionate about the local church, and are on mission to see God’s kingdom established across the earth. See how you can help:

Teach Children

Our weekday and weekend gatherings take a lot of people to make them work, from ushers to greeters, youth and.

Study the Bible

We seek and are committed to building relationships and have intentional and strategic partnerships where we can.

Help the Poor

We believe God has called us to be a church that that follows Him by turning our hearts and our focus to global.

Our Activities

Samaskrita Ranga

Samaskrita Ranga

Dance School

Dance School




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Becoming a Patron, help us to unlock treasures of Dr.Raghavan’s collection for connoisseur and researchers.


Donate generously for our Publication, Dramaturgical Studies, Shastrartha and Digitisation.

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