Chidambaram Temple Dance Poses – VRs Notes

Talapuṣpapuṭa (1st) ( Jāyasenāpati 1st)  In the first Karaṇa itself the Chidambaram representaton, as given in GOS.I. (both end.), is defective or at least not sufficiently correct. Following Abhinavagupta, Jāya gives a very detailed descripton of this (IV.27-32). The ‘Tala’ in its name stands for Talasañcāra or Agratalasañcāra which is the pose of one of the legs here. In Talasañcāra-pāda, the heal should be raised (N.S.IX.273) and consequently the hip on this side will be a little tilled up. (व्याभुग्नकटि – Vyābhugnakaṭi) But in the Chidambaram sculpture, the feet are both evenly flat and even so the hip on either side. On the other hand, in the Tanjore sculptures the Talasañcāra-pāda and…

VR’s Collection

List of Works on Palmistry, Physiognomy etc. 23rd March 1956. Pr. V. Raghavan, M.A., Ph.D.,Professor of Sanskrit. Dear Sri Ojha, With reference to your letter of the 19th instant for information about Sanskrit books available on palmistry, physiognomy etc., I am giving below a list of such works which you might find useful. Yours Sincerely, Sri Gopesh Kumar Ojha, M.A., LL.B.,Editor,Indian States,93, Daryaganj,DELHI. List of works on Palmistry, Physiognomy etc. Trans. by N. Chidambara Iyer, Madura, 1884, 1885. Trans. by H. Kern J.R.A.S. (NS) 4-7 (1870 – 75) “           “          “          issued with sep. pagination “          “          “          works…

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