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By becoming a Patron,help us to unlock treasures of Dr.Raghavan’s collection for connoisseur and researchers. Being a patron you join an extraordinary group of donors who share our passion for knowledge.

As a Patron, you’ll benefit from exclusive insider access to our collection and curators and a set of existing publications and all future publications to come. You’ll enjoy an outstanding range of events celebrating the richness of our Cultural Heritage.

Support – Rs.25,000


  1. Publication of unpublished and out-of-print works:

Dr. Raghavan has left behind a legacy in the world of Samskrt Studies and there are many works of his which have not been published. Center is constantly engaged in the pursuit of publishing the works of Dr.Raghavan.

Your support shall enable us to bring out the treasures of knowledge as books at subsidised cost for the benefit of researchers and scholars at large.

Project Cost: 

  1. Dramaturgical Studies:

Samskrt Ranga is engaged in production of Samskrt Drama in its most puritan forms adhering to the norms of Natya texts. It also promotes unique studies in the fields of shastra and prayoga of Natyasastra. Help us continue the legacy of Samskrta Performing Arts.

Production Cost:

  1. Shastrartha (Symposiums and seminars)

Young scholars and researchers are encouraged to work in the field of Dr.Raghavan Studies and encouraged to deliver public talks. Support us in this unique task of academic enhancement.

Project Cost:

  1. Dr. V. Raghavan Chair- Senior Researcher 
  2. Studies and Translations- 
  1. Digitisation

Support us in Curation and digitisation of all the existing manuscripts and prints of Dr.Raghavan’s writings, Palm leaf manuscripts, Rare Audio Recordings etc.,

  1. Digitisation of Content (Unpublished works)
  2. Re-prints with latest Updates 
  3. E-Book production


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